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Family of Drums

November 2010
The Elephunk in My Soup music video is now able to be viewed on-line here.

September/October 2010
The Moving Lines II: From Source To Sea page has been updated and is now accessible from the Home Page.

July/August 2010
Recent revisions to the site include a new Best of Bass page.

June 2010
There have been quite a number of recent updates to the site, including a revised Home Page and a page about the Protons.

1 February 2007
First update for 2007.

25 November 2006
General revision of site begins.

21 June 2005
More photographs by Sharon Stewart added to the site.

29 May 2005
Update includes new photographs taken by Sharon Stewart.

10 January 2005
The home page has been simplified and the site is likely to be updated further soon.

8 December 2004
Further minor updates to the site.

2 December 2004
As the album Psychedelia Grooves is now finally available, the site has been updated to provide information about the album.

21 September 2004
The whole site is currently being updated.

21 April 2004
Update of the Sounds and Lyrics page to include lyrics of soon to be released tracks.

14 March 2004
Minor changes to my resume.

11 February 2004
The site has been modified so that Inpiring Favourites is now the main links page. Links to other sites can also be found on other pages on the site. Further minor updates have also been made to the site.

1 January 2004
The Sounds and Lyrics page now has sound samples of recent mixes. The Moving Lines page has been split into two pages, Moving Lines 1 and From Source to Sea - Jann Rutherford died in March 2003. The From Source to Sea page now contains a link to Platform's web site. Please let me know if anything is not working properly.

20 December 2003
Further minor updates to the site.

16 December 2003.
The links on the More Psychedelia page have been updated to include a link to James Koehnline's web site.

26 October 2003.
This new page has been created to outline updates to the site. References have been added to all of the following Strands of Contemporary Music (SOCM) pages:

  • History and Major Figures of Jazz
  • The Funky Muse
  • The Psychedelic Imagination
  • The Origins of Ska, Reggae and Dub Music

    15 October 2003.
    References on the first P O T E N T   B R E W Psychedelia Grooves page were changed to conform with correct APA formatting.

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