Each person has within themselves the potential to be the Artist of their own destiny. The Artist is that part of us which recognises that we exist as part of a greater creative process and which is fully alive to the possibilities of each moment.

Revolution is a complete change of system or of conditions and involves moving beyond the limitations or boundaries of an existing paradigm into what might best be described as deeper levels of mystery. Some people might initially do this through the recreational, ritualised or Shamanic use of naturally occurring or synthetic psychoactive substances which enable them to journey into the realms of "non ordinary" reality for up to twelve hours or more. However, the major problem with "drug use" as an approach is that the effects are only temporary and there is no real merit in experiencing profound and dramatic shifts in perception unless insights so gained are able to be incorporated into one's being or consciousness as permanent aspects of awareness.

The artist as a revolutionary participates in the processes of change creatively, works with changes taking place at a deep and archetypal level and must seek to master their chosen medium or media in order to begin bringing through higher energies for the benefit of humanity, free from the manipulations of power structures which currently use "the media" to promote their own distorted sense of values. He or she can not afford to be distracted by the misguided egotism of those who still knowingly pursue limited self interest to the detriment of others and where human folly is clearly rampant, he or she may be called upon to nurture creativity or help people to realise an inner sense of purpose and self reliance. The revolutionary artist who is nurturing creativity or presenting creative work to the public has a major responsibility not to perpetuate patterns of delusion and must constantly reappraise their motivations and creative designs so as not to deceive or mislead those who might receive the essence of their art.

This is because everything which has form is subject to change. Form is the channel through which energy or spirit finds focus in this dimension. We exist here and now in human form and our individual lives are delineated by radical changes of state known as birth and death. In this way the old is constantly replaced by the new and as lives come to an end, the newly born are nurtured to maintain the flow of life from one generation to the next.

Therefore, part of the revolution is to be reborn into the mantle of the unchanging; to identify with energy or essence of being rather than with the form it currently takes. Form always involves some sort of defining limitation and part of the revolution is to become free of attachments by the appropriate application of free will. A revolution of consciousness takes place as thoughts, choices and actions are progressively informed by greater and greater illumination.

Thus, to be a revolutionary the artist must seek truth and promote understanding, since with understanding all things become clear. Part of this understanding comes from realising that the Artist is within us all and must inevitably be expressed. The whole is more than just the sum of the parts and we need to recognise that each person has their part to play in creating a world high in synergy.

The outworn methods of the past can no longer hold sway and we are talking here of ensuring that people are made aware of just what is within their grasp this very day. For while the revolutionary artist may make all kinds of assertions about the nature of reality, it is the Artist within that holds the unfolding of human potential. This does not mean that the radical realisation of who we really are will take place immediately but it does mean that humanity will be drawn increasingly into the vibration of this reality and the revolution which will bring forth a brilliant new world order can begin to appear on earth.


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