This album was released in 1983. The clip of the track Glass Cage was made on location by independent filmakers for Radio With Pictures and broke new ground.
Musicians: Phil Bowering: bass, guitar, synthesiser, vocals; Steve Garden: drums, percussion, backing vocals, kalimba; Mike Farrell: guitar, vocals; Matthew Brown: synthesisers; David Garden: vocals; Greg Heath: tenor saxophone; Peter Bennett: reverse guitar.

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TRACK LISTING (Click on underlined track for sound sample)

1. Zone 31
2. Glass Cage
3. Insurrection
4. Alone Tonight
5. Quiet Streets
6. The Eternal (Full Circle)

All compositions by Phil Bowering © 1982 Flamewave Music

Recorded and mixed at Basement Tapes, Auckland.
Engineer: Steve Garden
Produced by Steve Garden and Phil Bowering.

Cover art work by Peter Bennett. Glass Cage film clip directed by George Rose. Cinematography by Euan Frizzell.
Click here to view photographs of the making of the clip taken by Timothy Carter.

This page is dedicated to the memory of Mike Farrell, Matthew Brown and Euan Frizzell.



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