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Call it a manifesto, call it the return of one of the original radical dudes, call it what you will, Psychedelia Grooves is an eclectic mix which invites you to take a transformative journey through darkness into light; to engage the flow and to step outside the arbitrary boundaries imposed by the Babylon system.

"Get those beboppers really boppin' and those hiphoppers really hoppin'
must be some kinda P o t e n t   B r e w"






  1. Mumbo Jumbo
  2. F' Big Injuns
  3. Forboding
  4. Small Town Noise
  5. Groove All Night
  6. Rapid Fire
  7. Running Hot
  8. Potent Brew
  9. Do You Understand?
  10. Nexus 01
  11. Beltane Fires
  12. Luminous
  13. The Promised Land
  14. Everwidening Circle
  15. Turning Point
  16. Cultivation
  17. Hope For The Future


Phil Bowering: keyboards, drum programming, bass guitar, double bass, acoustic and electric guitars, djembe, darbuka, hand drums, voice.
Stewart Maunder: tenor saxophone on tracks 2, 12 and 14, soprano saxophone on tracks 6 and 12.
Gregg McKenzie: drum programming on track 11, percussion and guitar on track 13.
Lisa-Marie Birkett: vocals on tracks 4 and 6.
Anita Anker: vocals on track 4.
Pip Harker: vocals on track 13.

All tracks composed by Phil Bowering except F' Big Injuns composed by Phil Bowering and Bruce Bookless and The Promised Land composed by Phil Bowering and Gregg McKenzie. © 2004 Flamewave Music. All Rights Reserved.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Studio Du Rigi, New Plymouth, New Zealand by Phil Bowering except The Promised Land recorded and mixed by Gregg McKenzie at Secret Sounds, London. Produced by Phil Bowering.

Mumbo Jumbo     F' Big Injuns     Small Town Noise     Groove All Night    

Do You Understand?     The Promised Land     Cultivation

Potent   Brew is the brain child of former Low Profile bass player Phil Bowering and marks a return to the spontaneous, exploratory and satirical spirit which informed the best of his earlier work. As an identity Potent   Brew aims to be colourful, funky and provocative and the debut album Psychedelia Grooves incorporates elements of drum n bass, funk, jazz, reggae, dub and African music.

Psychedelia Grooves is a voyage into the psychedelic imagination where contemporary genres converge, where nothing is as it seems and where reality is not conditioned by the power of the dominator culture. [More]

Psychedelia Grooves is also about acknowledging influences, which include: Jamerson, Motown and soul, Revolver, the new guitar gods, Jamaican sounds, San Francisco - Sly and the Family Stoneís funky muse and Santanaís latin rock spiritualised by way of Trane, Miles, the man in the green shirt, seeding fusion back east in New York In a Silent Way, "one nation under a groove," punk/new wave DIY, Eno, electronica, Europe, Egypt, Albionís sacred heritage, WOMAD, On-u sound, acid jazz, trip hop, jungle, drum n bass, the writings of Hesse, Kandinsky's art and meditation.

Phil Bowering was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in Taranaki where he learned tenor horn, bass and guitar. On leaving school he moved to Wellington, completing a BA and then studying Jazz Improvisation with Colin Hemmingsen. Phil began his recording career working on sessions for film soundtracks and recording for the Concert Programme with Outlines. In 1980 he formed the Protons with Tony Richards and in 1981 the Protons released a single, Lights On/Modern Homes. By the time he began recording in Auckland with drummer Steve Garden, guitarist Mike Farrell and others as Low Profile in 1982, Phil had released an album of instrumentals, Hiatus and the anti nuclear single Wolves of Power. Between 1983 and 1987 five Low Profile recordings were released, including the highly acclaimed Elephunk in My Soup in 1984. Another album, the more jazz orientated Moving Lines 1, was released 1987. Phil moved to London in 1990 and since returning to New Zealand has lived in Auckland and Taranaki. [More]

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