P O T E N T  B R E W   V I S I O N   Q U E S T    

Potent Brew Vision Quest

01 Quest
02 Playground
03 Displaced People
04 Inner Truth
05 The Wheel
06 Upside Down World
07 Come On Over
08 Dusk
09 Taking Us Into The Light
10 Rise Up
11 Rainbow Bridge
12 Revealed
13 Manna
14 Virtual Enlightenment
15 Pouring Forth
16 Diffusion

All tracks composed and arranged by Phil Bowering 2022 Flamewave Music. All rights reserved.

Recorded at the Portal, Tataraimaka and at Portal II, New Plymouth. Mixed at Portal II.

Recorded, mixed and produced by Phil Bowering.

Vision Quest follows hot on the heels of 2021's Electric Fire album. It takes the listener on a soul journey into the realms of spirit, leaving the challenges and uncertainties of the modern world behind. Characterised by punchy rhythms and deep bass grooves, Vision Quest has been built up layer by layer in the recording studio.

The concept of a Vision Quest comes from Native American culture and was originally a ritual performed as part of initiation rites associated with moving from boyhood to manhood, where the candidate would undertake a mythological or Shamanic journey with the intention of bringing back knowledge about their life purpose and/or of benefit to the community as a whole. Sadly rituals such as this have largely been abandoned in the modern world, where the sacred has generally been eschewed in favour of the secular, and we are poorer as a result.

Phil Bowering was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in New Plymouth, where he learned tenor horn, bass and guitar and began playing in bands. On leaving school he moved to Wellington, completing a BA and then studying Jazz Improvisation with Colin Hemmingsen. He began his recording career working on sessions for film soundtracks and in 1980 recorded original music for the Concert Programme with jazz rock fusion outfit Outlines. The same year he formed the Protons with Tony Richards and in 1981 the Protons released a single, Lights On/Modern Homes. In 1982 Phil released an album of instrumental music, Hiatus, and the anti nuclear single Wolves of Power and towards the end of 1982 began recording in Auckland with drummer Steve Garden and others as Low Profile. Between 1983 and 1987 five Low Profile recordings were released, including the highly acclaimed Elephunk in My Soup and its accompanying clip (1984). Another album, the more jazz orientated Moving Lines 1, was released 1987. After completing an MA in Communications Phil moved to London in 1990 and since returning to New Zealand has lived in Auckland and Taranaki. [More]


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