Potent Brew Electric Fire

01 First Light
02 Stirring
03 Motion
04 Sophistication
05 Outsiders
06 Fingers On The Pulse
07 Electric Fire
08 Majunga
09 Quantum Leap
10 Metamagic
11 Future Moment
12 Right Conduct
13 Abundance
14 Serenity
15 Into The Sunset

All compositions by Phil Bowering 2021 Flamewave Music. All rights reserved.

Recorded at Studio Du Rigi, New Plymouth, the Portal, Tataraimaka & at Portal II, New Plymouth.

Mixed at the Portal and at Portal II. Recorded, mixed and produced by Phil Bowering

Electric Fire, the long awaited follow up to Psychedelia Grooves, is an album of instrumental compositions. On this album Phil continues to explore groove orientated, percussively driven hybrid music, which combines electronica with other instruments and incorporates elements from jazz, funk and other Strands of Contemporary Music.

Electric Fire represents a shift in focus from the radical perspective of Psychedelia Grooves to a more organic approach which is more about the evolution of ideas than about challenging the status quo. Spontaneous and off the wall elements still turn up here and there, while other features, such as the morphing of grooves, have largely been achieved through deconstruction and breakdown.

Electric Fire has been realised in the recording studio with each track being built up part by part to create layers of sound and music which evolves over time, with improvisation playing a large part in melodic development. The influence of the "Coltrane changes" are evident in places, while the title track pays tribute to the extraordinary, pioneering funk bass playing of the late Doug Rauch (new Santana band).

Best known for his recording work with Steve Garden as Low Profile and particularly for the highly acclaimed Elephunk in My Soup (1984) and its accompanying clip, Phil Bowering was born in the United Kingdom and grew up in Taranaki where he learned tenor horn, bass and guitar. On leaving school he moved to Wellington, completing a BA and then studying Jazz Improvisation with Colin Hemmingsen. Phil began his recording career working on sessions for film soundtracks and recorded original music for the Concert Programme with Outlines in 1980. The same year he formed the Protons with Tony Richards and in 1981 the Protons released a single, Lights On/Modern Homes. Phil had released an album of instrumental music, Hiatus, and the anti nuclear single Wolves of Power by the time he began recording in Auckland with drummer Steve Garden, guitarist Mike Farrell and others as Low Profile in 1982. Between 1983 and 1987 five Low Profile recordings were released. Another album, the more jazz orientated Moving Lines 1, was released 1987. After completing an MA Phil moved to London in 1990 and since returning to New Zealand has lived in Auckland and Taranaki. [More]


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