Moving Lines II

The music for From Source to Sea was originally conceived as a series of compositions which describe or allude to stages in the soul's journey. The movement of water through the landscape becomes a metaphor for, and a celebration of, life itself, moving from origins in antiquity, towards adulthood and maturity, knowledge and wisdom, civilisation and culture. Sacredness is found in the landscape as places become states of imagination rather than just physical locations, and a story unfolds in Images of Water, a series of photographs taken in a variety of locations in Aotearoa and around the world.

The music is rhythmically driven, consisting of themes and improvisations, shorter interludes and longer compositions, and has evolved over an extended period of time. Click here to listen to tracks. See ANTECEDENTS below.

Moving Lines II

Though this music is instrumental, a number of songs have also been written which explore similar themes. Click here to peruse lyrics for a selection of these songs.


  • Marraminde Dance Performances, Urenui, Taranaki (1996)
    Marraminde (translation: Mother Sea) was a Creative Dance Show produced, directed and choreographed by Virginia Adams with a strong message about the effects of pollution on the oceans and on the wildlife life which inhabits them.

  • Marraminde Marraminde

  • The Wandle Delta Project, London, United Kingdom (1993 & 1995)
    The Wandle Delta project was initiated by the organisation Platform as part of the Search for a Sustainable City and was created in collaboration with the Intermediate Technology Group, Hydro-Active Engineering, St. Joseph's Primary School, the National Rivers Authority and the Wandsworth Borough Council and was funded by the Department of Environment, the Arts Council of Great Britain, the London Arts Board and the Wandsworth Borough Council. Platform brings together the combined skills of artists and individuals from other disciplines to seek creative solutions to ecological and social concerns.

    The Wandle delta was sacred land for two thousand years and consisted of thirty five acres of marshy islands and river channels until the beginning of last century. However, today the area consists of roads, railway lines, industrial units and derelict works. Part of the project involves the St. Joseph's Primary School assembly hall being lit by a micro turbine installed on the sluice gate which formed part of the of the old Lower Mill system on the Wandle delta, near where the Wandle meets the river Thames. A bell which is rung by the passage of the tides has been hung on the sluice gate structure and affixed to it is a stone carved with the names of animals that remain in or might return to the delta area: Salmon, Swan, Otter and Heron.

    The inauguration of the bell, plaque and micro turbine took the form of a musical performance on 13 November 1993. In 1995 the music was recorded and was used on a video of the work of Platform called Valley: Citizens - Search for a Sustainable City (VHS - 1995).

  • River Wandle

  • Moving Lines 1 (1986 - 1987)
  • Cultural Affairs (1982 - 1983)
    Cultural Affairs was an African orientated band consisting of Johnathan Besser (piano, keyboards), Phil Bowering (bass), "K K" Tshabalala (percussion), Jono Lonie (guitar, violin) and Gerry Meister (flute, guitar). This band played embryonic versions of some of the compositions included on this recording.
  • Outlines (1979 - 1980)
    Outlines was a jazz rock band which played instrumental compositions by Phil Bowering. The original line up was Phil Bowering (bass), Paul Emsley (keyboards), David Gurr (saxophone) and Stewart Crooks (drums). Steve Garden replaced Stewart Crooks on drums and this line up recorded four compositions at Studio II, Radio New Zealand, Wellington in 1980.


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