The Glass Cage film clip was developed as an extension of the song's lyrics from an initial storyboard by Phil Bowering, focussing on colour and movement to vividly express the dynamics of city living against a background of inner city redevelopment. The main characters in the clip, representing different urban lifestyles, come together through their interactions and a wedding celebration on the street, so that the initial contrast between the "performers" in unusual costumes and the "ordinary people" is broken down by the festivities.

With director George Rose, animator come lighting cameraman Euan Frizzell, a talented cast and a load of extras on board, and with support from Peter Blake and Brent Hansen from Radio With Pictures, shooting began on 25 April 1983, with TVNZ providing 16 mm reversal film stock and taking care of the film processing. With further help from the Wellington film making community, shooting was completed towards the end of May 1983, and the clip was then edited. It was then transferred from film to video via telecine at TVNZ before being screened on Radio With Pictures on 19 June 1983. This page is dedicated to the memory of Euan Frizzell.

Glass Cage Video Shoot  Glass Cage Video Shoot  Glass Cage Video Shoot
Left to Right: Director George Rose and cameraman Euan Frizzell set up a shot with Louise Loft; Euan shoots after hours action in the Grand Arcade; Phil Bowering and Lyne Pringle, Cuba Mall.

Glass Cage Video Shoot  Glass Cage Video Shoot   Glass Cage Video Shoot   Glass Cage Video Shoot
L to R: Lynette Moss, Euan and George work on a shot; Euan films Grant juggling, Martin Rumsby holds the ladder and George looks on; oh no! they've all escaped; Grasshopper, Phil and Lyne. All photographs by Timothy Carter.

Jester: Ron Kjestrup
Businessman: Jack Henderson
Lion: Lyne Pringle
Unicyclists: Grasshopper, Grant
Performer: Lynette Moss
Bride: Louise Loft
Groom: Mark Thomson
Punk: Brian Hammond
Masked Busker: Jim Cadman
Reverend: Linzy Forbes

Thanks to everybody who participated in the making of this clip.

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