Album of instrumental compositions recorded at Rawa House, Wellington 21-28 December 1981, and Pukerua Bay, Wellington 29 -30 December 1981 by Phil Bowering. Mixed at Rawa House, Wellington 5 and 20 January 1982.

TRACK LISTING (Click on the underlined tracks to listen to them)

Side 1
1. Whispering of the Nagual
2. Mutants (as a result of nuclear fallout)
3. Prisoners of Conscience
4. Across the Rooftops
5. Clouds at Sunset
6. Blissful Boatman

Side 2
1. Introsphere (excerpt)
2. Goddess
3. Dance of the Winged Spirits
4. Open Haven
5. Centre
6. Lifting Darkness
7. Sabda (Part 1)

All compositions by Phil Bowering
© 1982 Flamewave Music. All rights reserved.

All instruments by Phil Bowering except piano on Goddess and strings on Lifting Darkness by Michael Thompson. Cover design: impressions of painted leaves, created by Phil Bowering.


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