Elephunk in My Soup

This highly acclaimed EP was released in New Zealand in 1984 and Australia in 1985. The entertaining clip of the title track was a finalist in the 1984 New Zealand Music Awards and can be viewed here.

TRACK LISTING (Click on underlined track for sound sample)

1. Elephunk (Garden/Bowering)
2. Wirtlesnaggling (Bowering)
3. Stripes (Bowering/Garden/Farrell)

© 1984 Flamewave Productions. All rights reserved.

Phil Bowering:
bass, wash hose, synthesiser, percussion, general deviance, vibes, rap and backing vocals on Wirtlesnaggling; Steve Garden: drums, percussion, synthesiser, vibes, general deviance, rap on Elephunk, backing vocals on Wirtlesnaggling; Mike Farrell: guitar, backing vocals on Wirtlesnaggling; Tom Ludvigson: synthesiser on Elephunk; Peter Allison: synthesiser on Wirtlesnaggling and Stripes; Greg Heath: tenor saxophone on Wirtlesnaggling; Jim Langabeer: baritone saxophone on Wirtlesnaggling; Jill McDonald: backing vocals on Wirtlesnaggling.

Recorded and mixed at Basement Tapes. Recorded by Steve Garden. Mixed and produced by Steve Garden and Phil Bowering. Distributed by Jayrem Records.

Cover art work by Jacqui Brooks. Video directed by William Keddell. Animation and cinematography by Chris Barrett.

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