Elephunkin' ELEPHUNKIN' FR6/FMC6

Album released in 1987 featuring some of New Zealand's top musicians, including Mike Farrell, Annie Crummer, Debbie Harwood and Betty-Anne Monga.

Recorded at Progressive Studios, Auckland.
Engineered, mixed and produced by Steve Garden.
Cover illustration by Peter Bennett. Art Direction by Eion Abernethy.
Cover realisation by Marcel Tromp.

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TRACK LISTING (Click on the underlined tracks for sound samples)
1. Elephunkin'
2. Simon Says
3. The Cutting Edge
4. Body Language
5. Heartbeat
6. Breathing Space
7. Simple Dreams
8. Through the Dark
9. Ice to Vapour
10. Arrival
11. Elephunk in My Soup (FMC6 only)

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