waiting for the 'phone to ring
hear the waggle of idle tongues
got a restless soul and wanna kick ass
hangin' loose in the hot summer sun
cultural fascists and the trickle down mafia
been working hand in hand
slaves to Babylon one and all
this is the lie of the land
so c'mon get hip, on a brand new trip
don't mess around with Small Town Noise
it's been going around in the underground
and young boys become old boys

they're shutting up shop and the mainstreet's bare
and the kids around are nearly on the road
but they've drawn up plans for a grand affair
to make the big city boys a load
it's the same old shit keeps going down
how young boys become old boys
and they keep a closed shop all round town
just to play with their expensive toys
swanning along to the same old dream all shipshape
slow to get movin' movin' along right on
be a funky dude moving along like me
don't need no Small Town Noise to set me free

well the small town boys make a Small Town Noise
and nothing ever seems to change
we just work and play the way the big boys say
and a real man is something strange
so are you gonna stay or are you on your way
can you do without a Small Town Noise?
'coz we've been sold out to the big boys clout
and small boys become big boys
spending so much money on the military
yeah, and charging us a fortune for our own energy
yeah, and spinning us around
'til we feel like we've got no choice
boys and girls gotta listen to a wisdom's voice saying

Ullabaia Inkaia Luxorbah (x4)

dis de word from Crazy Baldhead
me a just a crazy baldhead mon
me know won de fight with ital mon
ital mon day come to pass

Let magic be upon us all
(repeat and fade)

© Flamewave Music.
All rights reserved.

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