since I found city street life
I've come to know Zone 31
the zest of youth, the melting pot
the underground Zone 31

though the ground is cracked and broken now
there's still a sense of hope somehow
the real thing never fades away
the modern mind's in control today

my friends and I got caught in the rain
and little grey men we know them well
now they need my help and want me to stay
coz I'm on a wave, yeah I'm on my way

and the writing on the faded page
is telling me we've come of age
and life returns to the source
as each one follows their chosen course

Zone 31 my work is done
Zone 31 my place is won
Zone 31 rest in the sun
Zone 31 the time has come...

some working city people don't show their feelings
they're hiding away in the glass cage
believing in illusions of a big escape
looking at reflections of their interest

the kids out on the streets don't want hand outs
they've seen beyond the veil of comfort for a few
but the building carries on without the people
who can't afford to pay for what they offer

the product of your dreams in the Glass Cage
life ain't what it seems in the Glass Cage

hold on to yourself, keep your money
the affluent are quick, keep you in the dark
but you won't be deceived by little morsels
that fall around your feet what you see clearly

they call it democracy, blatant hypocrisy
not caring for you and me
they call it government, the great incumbent
dictatorial regime
but they're not hungry, they're not oppressed
they sit in their ivory towers
and take all the best
but they spilt the blood of innocent people
their time is past

cold grey institutions don't feel solutions
reach out to people with love

let us rise together and build a better world
with all the love that's in our hearts
there may be times of sorrow and hardship
let us rejoice

off on my own I want no one to follow
make my escape from the prying eyes
there'll be some change before tomorrow
the way it's turned out is no surprise
coz I don't want to play along with their system
I've tried hard to change but it doesn't feel right
and I talk and I talk but it makes no difference
so I'm out on the streets Alone Tonight
Alone Tonight there is no other way
Alone Tonight I'm in the light of day

these walls are the education of children
and I want to get through to you
these walls are the walls that stand between us
and I can't sleep - too much to do
angel of mercy I sweep through the darkness
I think of you and it urges me on
a road like a wire out of confusion
the time is now the edge is gone
Alone Tonight there is no other way
Alone Tonight I'm in the light of day

I saw you again it was completed
in a form you can't deny
the voice I heard, the voice repeated

QUIET STREETS (Instrumental)
I've been in a rush far too long
I want to be where I belong
I need peace of mind and a place to be
and people who care around me
Quiet Streets for a while
in the modern world so hard to find
Quiet Streets for a while
give me some space to unwind

I have called to see how you feel today
if you don't want to smile well that's OK
I just came by to set things right
and I don't care if it takes all night
Quiet Streets for a while
in the modern world so hard to find
Quiet Streets for a while
give me some space to unwind

turn around and see how far you've come
turn around and see the work you've done
rest your body in the morning sun
rest your mind and feel what has begun
coz around the corner there's a big surprise
weve've got to get wise, use our eyes
coz we're going to be broken down again
unless we get ourselves on the road
to quiet streets, quiet streets in our hearts

THE ETERNAL (Full Circle)
take a walk, walk with me
in the moonlight down by the see
a silent voice echoes inside
and there's a feeling rising in the tide
(we are coming of age)

take a walk into the ocean
feel it's motion is gentle and sweet
feel the power of the waves as they fall
on the seashore part of it all
(our victory is a victory of spirit)

now the planets have moved close together
a grand alignment, an omen in the sky
it's the herald of renaissance
it's armageddon or the promised land

where will you be in a week or so?
where will you be in a million years?
where are you forever?
come to me and whisper in my ear
(we are channels for the perfection of life on earth)

All lyrics by Phil Bowering
© 1982 Flamewave Music