I took my troubles to the mardi gras
turned out to be a big mistake
I took some time out with a big cigar
this was gonna be my lucky break
I went exploring and I went to sea
a big a wave a wash over me
a big a wave a wash a way up high
I see the truth and I still wonder why
babylon still carry on babylon (x2)

for peace shall be upon those who know the way
and the blind shall see the folly of selfish display
a cut the budgets and reward a few
and pay out big to push a point of view
and act to maximise the short term gains
with no conception of a causing pain
like to hold banners high
so high they gonna touch the sky
need to dominate makes no sense
fear and greed the consequence
but babylon still carry on babylon (x2)

prophets of war we’re not gonna take no more
needless destruction like a festering sore

so let the white light of consciousness shine forth
over synthetic self inflation
mindless musak is a dying force
in Aotearoa nation

© Flamewave Music.
All rights reserved.

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First Song